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Welcome to the Appointment Scheduler for Rogers Executive Administrative Services. Within Your Initial 30 minute consultation appointment you will receive a lot of valuable information, as well as tips and tricks that you can put into practice right from the get go. This consultation session with you is more than having you find out what we is you telling us what your frustration is right now at the moment and us giving you solutions to help you NOW to ease your workload. It is not unusual for you to come away from this half-hour phone conversation with ideas and solutions you never knew existed. We are always finding new ways of doing things and love sharing those ideas with you.

Now if you are wondering why the majority of our appointments are in the evening it is because we have found that most of our clients are just starting out with their own business and are working full time for another company during the day. These evening hours provide our clients with a time frame that allows them to relax in the comfort of their own home.

Rogers Executive Administrative Services allows one Free Initial 30 minute consultation per client/company. This initial consultation entitles the client to one follow up email containing questions in reference to the initial meeting within 10 days of that meeting. Any further correspondence with Rogers Executive Administrative Services has to be scheduled as a Pay As You Go Client appointment at a rate of $48.00 for 1 hour coaching/strategy sessions. Coaching and Strategy sessions, as well as virtual assistance services, can also be purchased at the following rates. Please inquire about these sessions during your meeting:

10 hours per month for $480.00
20 hours per month for $960.00
30 hours per month for $1440.00

Sue Rogers will give you a call at your scheduled appointment time. All calls are *recorded and uploaded to your project area for you to reference at any time when you contract with Rogers Executive Administrative Services.

*If you decide not to contract with Rogers Executive Administrative Services the recorded call is deleted within 7 business days.

**All Times are EASTERN Time** EASTERN Time is one hour ahead of Central and three hours ahead of Pacific. For example: 3pm Eastern is 2pm Centeral and noon Pacific.

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